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  Thanks to SHAW for the tv segment  June 19/20 th  on Ch. 4       by
                         Director: Valerie Vanderstappen;
Editor: Ping, ~ a special thanks to both! 


"Instead of creating for the masses, I create and design for individuals"

“Art to me is Life. It is precisely the meeting of the divine and human life. Life should be rich and full of color and expression, exactly what the artist was feeling when the art was created, the viewer should feel this as well if the piece is successful.  Art should reflect the artist’s soul and how they feel about life whether gloomy or happy, as that is life, yin and yang, black and white, good and bad. It is all valid, genuine and good.  Through experience in life we mature and become better artists.  I seek to express my most happy moments and feelings as that's how I mostly feel but at the same time respect art that speaks to the opposite side of things.  My art is generally abstract right now, full of vibrant color, design and loose as I admire both my mentor Harley Brown as well as Vincent Van Gogh as I desire to one day achieve their greatness.  Vincent lived a harsh life yet he expressed mostly the joy he felt and practiced art every day.  I hope the viewer gains as much joy out of the art I create as I did in creating it. Life truly feels empty without artists and their expression and I believe everyone has the ability to express". 

I  practice alot of textured /bright abstracts as it frees the artist from any rules (once you know the rules you can then break them), it reveals more emotion and expression and wonderment if done properly- I like the way it challenges the viewers mind in that being human we must always try to make sense of everything. And we often tend to understand what we know and are familiar with. So many of us don't take a risk in loving and appreciate that which is unpopular or not commonplace. 

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