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    Jemma is passionate about creating art and continues to fill the world with beauty and positive energy.  

Jemma is represented in a location on South Granville as well as  presently by Fazakas Gallery in Vancouver. Her work has been featured in television and by high end designers.
 She is transitioning off of impressionistic and into abstract more as she wishes the viewer to gain the sense of energy in the painting, not what it should "be" but rather how it "feels". 
Jemma donates continually to causes like the diabetes foundation, Children's hospital and VGH, Segal centre and the George Pearson Center.....many many paintings. She has been in many silent auctions and if you would like a donation please connect. She continues to do much Advocacy work too. And as well she donated a 10,000 $ painting to her church.                            
"To love a painting is to feel that this presence is not an object but a voice." (André Malraux)
 Jemma  practices Oil, Watercolor , pastel and Acrylic. Most subject matter is abstract and involves alot of vibrant colors. Jemma's work is very original and has been collected worldwide throughout the years.
Jemma is also a published writer. 

Art enriches life.


                            "Passion" 2 x 6  

                  "Turks & Caicos" 2 x 6        


                                         "Vancouver Sunset"  3 x 4
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